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  • Soft Fruit is a film directed by Christina Andreef released on October 28, 1999.
  • Soft Fruit is a 1999 drama about a dying mother, and her children who come together to fulfill her last wishes. It is an Australian American co-production produced by Australian filmmaker Jane Campion and directed by Christina Andreef. Andreef later talked about the themes of the film: As you grow older, it's so difficult to stay in relationship with your brothers and sisters and your parents. When you get into your thirties and forties, paths are dividing. That's not the case in countries like Spain. They remain very attached to their families. We don't so much. So Soft Fruit is about that family struggle. You think you don't care when you have a fight and fall out. Then you realise that you're suffering profoundly because you're on the outer. It's about that struggle to get back on the inner, on the inside.

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