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  • Harihara I, also called Hakka ಹಕ್ಕ and Vira Harihara I, was the founder of the Vijayanagara empire. He was Bhavana Sangama’s eldest son and was founder of the Sangama dynasty, the first among the four dynasties that ruled Vijayanagara. The early life of Bukka and his brother Hakka is relatively unknown and most accounts are based on various theories. The most widely accepted theory states that Bukka and Hakka were commanders in the army of the Kakatiya King of Warangal. Immediately after coming to power, he built a fort at Barkuru, on the west coast of present day Karnataka. It appears from inscriptions that he was administering the northern parts of present day Karnataka from his seat at Gutti, Ananthpur district in 1339. He initially controlled the northern portions of the Hoysala Empire before taking full control over its entire range after the death of Hoysala Veera Ballala III in 1343. Kannada inscriptions of his time call him Karnataka Vidya Vilas, Bhashegetappuvarayaraganda, Arirayavibhada. Among his brothers, Kampana governed Nellur region, Muddppa administered Mulabagalu region, Marappa oversaw Chandragutti and Bukka Raya was his second in command.

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