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  • of great knowledge and skills, Bhashegetappuvarayaraganda, Arirayavibhada. Among his brothers, Kampana governed Nellur region, Muddppa administered Mulabagalu region, Marappa oversaw Chandragutti and Bukka Raya was his second in command. His initial military exploits established his control over the valley of Tungabhadra River, and gradually he expanded his control to certain regions of Konkan and Malabar Coast. By that time Hoysalas had lost its last ruler Veera Ballala III who died fighting the Sultan of Madurai, and the vacuum so created facilitated Harihara I to emerge as a sovereign power. The entire Hoysala territories came under his rule directly. An inscription dated 1346 regarding a grant to the Sringeri matha indicates Harihara I as the ruler of “whole country between the eastern and the western seas, and the inscription describes Vidya Nagara as his capital. Harihara I is accredited with establishing a centralized administrative setup and an orderly governance which afforded peace, prosperity, and security to his subjects. Harihara I was succeeded by Bukka I who emerged as the most distinguished amongst the five rulers of the Sangama dynasty. Wikipedia

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