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  • Hazarewal is another name or term for the Hindkowan people, a Hindko-speaking community belonging to the Hazara region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, comprising various tribes of mixed origins. The term "Hindko" means Indian in the Pashto language and is used to refer to speakers of Indo-Aryan language dialects; the term Hindko is discouraged as it implies that Pashtuns are associating Punjabi people and other Indo-Aryans with the republic of India instead of Pakistan. The main tribes of Hazara are the Swati, Dhund Abbasi, Karlal, Jadoon,Qureshi, Gujjar, Tanoli, Karlal, Syed, Malik Deen Khel Pashtun, Swati, Utman Zais, Khawaja, Sulemani, Ghakkar, Maddakhel, Kohistanis, Tarin, Qureshi, Mishwani, Piracha, Mir, Mughals, Tarkheli, Kashmiri, Dilazak, Shilmani and the Isazai tribe of Tor Ghar District. The Hazarewal or Hindkowans are not to be confused with the ethnic Hazara people inhabiting parts of Baluchistan province in Pakistan or areas of neighbouring Afghanistan. The Hazarewals have, over the last few years, found themselves increasingly in favour of separation and autonomy from the rest of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, on linguistic basis.