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  • National Action is an Australian nationalist political party. It has no representatives in any Australian parliament, at either state or national level. Its ideology dictates that it remain outside the "political system". Its policies include the deportation of asylum seekers and the termination of Aboriginal native title. National Action espouses theories that a New World Order is taking over the world and must be stopped. They have been accused of being a neo-nazi party as its former "chairman" James Saleam Ph.D. was a member of the Australian Nazi party in the 1970s. National Action claims, however, that it was a "National Bolshevik" party. Saleam claimed that the party was led collectively. After the electoral successes of the New Right in Europe, during the early 1990s, the local leaderships "adopted some of the recruiting policies of their European counterparts, trying to attract angry young people into their ranks." This long-term strategy is the likely reason National Action remained a fringe group throughout the recession. They never obtained a popular following as their members matured, for a number of possible reasons:

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