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  • Mark Chao is a Taiwanese-Canadian actor, singer and model. He is the son of Allen Chao. He graduated from the University of Victoria, Canada. He achieved a double major of Sociology and economic degree. He stared his entertainment industry in Taiwan after graduated. He establishes his reputation from performing the main character Wu Ying Xiong in the television series of Black & White. He achieved the 44th Golden Bell Awards: 2009 Best Leading Actor in a Television Series. His agency is Prajna Works. In 2010, he perform as Zhou Yi Wen in his first movie, Monga and achieved the 5th Asian Film Awards of Best New Actor. In 2012, he had participate in several successful movie such as, Caught in the Web, Love, The First Time, I Love You to You Love Me and Black & White Epsiode I. He brought huge benefits and contributes to movie box office. In 2013, the two major movies he participated: So Young and Young Detective Dee: Rise of the sea Dragon has pushed him to a higher position of his career. Especially the movie of Young Detective Dee, it achieved the highest movie box office in the first day of the show in Asia Market. Wikipedia

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