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  • Rafael Pérez Pareja was a notable public figure in 19th-century Ecuador, a supporter of liberalism. He was acting president of Ecuador from October 15 to November 23, 1883. Born in the household formed by José María Pérez Calisto, Knight First Class of the Royal American Order of Isabel the Catholic, and Leonor de Pareja y Arteta. He fought vehemently against the dictatorship of Ignacio de Veintemilla. He was military chief of the province of Pichincha, only to be interim president of Ecuador as a member of pentavirato who ruled the country between October 15 and November 23, 1883, along with Pablo Herrera, Luis Cordero, Pedro Lizarzaburu and Agustin Guerrero. He married in 1850 with Munoz Antonia Chiriboga.

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