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  • The book "the Fish, the Fighters and the Song-girl" contains a novelette by the same name. Both the story "the Fish the Fighters and the Song-girl" and the book are part of the Sacred Band of Stepsons universe, and some portions of it are part of the Thieves World shared fictional universe as well. In the book, the Sacred Band of Stepsons treks north into unexplored country and on its travels, the veteran warriors tell the new recruits stories of their time serving in Sanctuary, the town they've just left. The book contains five canonical Sacred Band of Stepsons tales from the Thieves' World(R) series, and nine other stories never published elsewhere. This anthology is the second in the two-volume "Sacred Band Tales" set of early short stories (the first volume is called "Tempus with his right-side companion Niko) about the Sacred Band of Stepsons, both in Sanctuary(R) and beyond.

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