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  • Druhyus were a tribe of Vedic Aryans in Ancient India. They are mentioned in the Rigveda, often together with the Anu tribe. Some early scholars have placed them in the northwestern region. The Indian epics and Puranas locate Druhyus in the North western part of the Indian subcontinent. Puranic lore contain accounts of a large scale migration of Drhyus from Punjab into central Asia. Druhyu king Angara is said to have been driven out of Punjab by King Mandhatri of the Ikshvaku dynasty. F.E. Pargiter theorises that the next Druhyu king Gandhara named the north-western state Gandhāra after himself. Puranas do not refer to Druhyus after the King Pracetas whose 100 sons settled in the region north of Afghanistan and became Mlecchas. Vishnu Purana also lists Aratta and Setu as areas where Druhyus settled.