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  • In the Sacred Band of Stepsons universe, Pinnacle House on Lemuria is the seat of power of Lemuria's Evening Star, Lemuria's ruler. In the heart of the ancient Lemurian fortress, surrounded by the sea at the edge of time, lies Pinnacle House, protecting mysteries as old as time in a place where time does not pass except on command. Pinnacle House is both metaphysical and technological in nature. From Pinnacle House, at the right time on the right day, fates can be changed for individuals or entire societies. Once a year, Pinnacle House welcomes seven strangers to draw lots that change their fates. At all other times, Pinnacle House is inaccessible but to those familiar with Lemuria's arcane nature. For those with access to Pinnacle House, anything that is thinkable is possible while within its walls.
  • Pinnacle House is the seat of power on Lemuria in the Sacred Band of Stepsons universe. Liminal and full of mystery, from Pinnacle House travel is possible to any place or time using Lemurian windows and portals. Blown to Lemuria by the storm god, Tempus first comes to Pinnacle House as one of the seven guests on New Year's Eve who may draw a lot and change a fate on this one night of Lemuria's year. Guided by Chiara, the "counselor" of Pinnacle House, Tempus uses the trans-dimensional mysteries of Pinnacle House to rescue his sister-in-arms, Cime, and bring her back to Lemura from the future. When Chiara, with little explanation, abdicates her power and disappears, leaving Pinnacle House and Lemuria in Tempus's hands, he installs Cime as the Evening Star. The two must puzzle out the secrets of Pinnacle House's mysteries together. Tempus assumes control of Lemuria's military, gathers his scattered forces using Pinnacle House's power to create a base of operations there from which he can deploy his forces wherever and whenever he wishes.