<p>Let's Go was a daily CBC Television entertainment series aired during the 1967-1968 season, featuring musical guests. It was the successor to Music Hop, and the show's title was taken from the Vancouver segment of Music Hop. Each day's episode featured local talent from a different city, moving across the country from east to west: Halifax (Monday), Ottawa (Tuesday), Toronto (Wednesday), Winnipeg (Thursday) and Vancouver (Friday). Anne Murray appeared on the Halifax show, before she achieved huge popularity with "Snowbird". The Winnipeg show was hosted by Chad Allan, the former frontman for The Guess Who. The Guess Who, fronted by Burton Cummings, played as the house band in Winnipeg.
CBC Let's Go Show was different in Vancouver and Winnipeg. The Vancouver show was hosted by Red Robinson and Fred Latremouille. Winnipeg show was hosted by Chad Allan, of The Guess Who.</p>