<p> Soul of the City, written by Lynn Abbey, C.J.Cherryh, and Janet Morris, is Book 8 in the Thieves World shared fictional universe and the Sacred Band of Stepsons fictional universe.  In this volume, after Abarsis, the patron shade of the Sacred Band of Stepsons, brings them a message from the gods, Tempus returns to Sanctuary with the Sacred Band and Theron, the new Rankan emperor, follows.  The Nisibisi witch Roxane and the necromant, Ischade, confront each other in a conflagration that shakes the town from Downwind to the mansions on the Hill, involving gods and mortals in a sorcerous bedlam that reaches from the Sanctuary Mageguild to Shambles Cross and even into Niko's rest-place and results in the destruction of much of Sanctuary's magical fabric and a decree from the Rankan emperor that puts the town dangerously close to martial law.   </p>