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  • In the Sacred Band of Stepsons fictional universe and the Thieves' World shared fictional universe, Nikodemos is a Bandaran-trained mercenary who, over the course of eight novels and eleven stories, becomes Tempus's right-side partner and an avatar of Harmony, the Theban goddess of balance and justice. He is a war-orphan and a secular initiate into Bandaran mysteries. Stealth, called Nikodemos, comes to the Sacred Band as an eromenos whose erastes is killed in an explosion in Sanctuary. Niko is offered pair-bond by Tempus at that time but demurs in order to lead is own team. Niko comes to the attention of both Askelon of Meridian, who gives him a charmed panoply, and the Nisibis witch, Roxane. Modest and with a quiet heart and potential that neither gods nor sorcerers can resist, Niko serves Tempus's Sacred Band loyally but continually pursues mastery of his chosen mystery of maat, with the exception of one period during which he is separated from the Band and finds himself at the city at the edge of time. There Nikodemos weds a princess, becomes an avatar of Enlil, storm god of the armies, and sires a doomed son who is killed by the jealous Nisibisi witch, Roxane. During his service with Tempus's Sacred Band, Niko makes many powerful enemies who dog him. Askelon of Meridian attempt to secure his allegiance, recognizing the young fighter as a hero in the making, but Niko remains true to his calling as a Bandaran adept of maat and a son of the armies. Nikodemos fights beside Tempus in the assault on Wizardwall, the Wizard Wars, the Battle of Sandia, the Battle of Chaeronea, and the Battle of Meridian, sustaining many wounds, some critical. He suffers through an apparent possession by evil spirits and is aided by Abarsis, the patron shade of the Sacred Band. His generosity of spirit causes him to rescue a boy who later turns on him and nearly kills him. Facing certain death, he is saved by the Theban goddess and later, when he is killed in battle, she resurrects him and immortalizes him. Nevertheless, he remains the rightman of Tempus, called the Riddler, and continues to serve the Sacred Band of Stepsons. Tempus eventually makes Nikodemos second in command of his forces, first of the Sacred Band of Stepsons, and then of the Unified Sacred Band.
  • Niko is a military character in the Thieves' World shared fictional universe and the Sacred Band of Stepsons universe created by Janet Morris and Chris Morris. Niko is a warrior-monk, a Barandan adept of the mystery of Maat, and Tempus's right-side Sacred Band partner. Unequaled by any but Straton in military prowess, Niko has been with the Band for sixteen years, fighting in every skirmish, campaign, and battle of the Sacred Band of Stepsons. Niko has been wounded numerous times in combat. Orphaned early in life, he calls himself a "son of the armies" and the Theban goddess, Harmonia, refers to him as a "weapon of the god." Niko's allegiance is sought by various higher powers, but his allegiance is to Tempus and to restoring the balance so prized by his Bandaran mystery. As Niko develops in the series, so does the likelihood that he will become the focus of a military hero-cult. In the novel the Sacred Band, Niko serves as Tempus's second in command.
  • Niko (Stealth, called Nikodemos) is a military character in the Thieves' World shared fictional universe and the Sacred Band of Stepsons universe. Niko is a Bandaran-trained warrior-monk and an adept of the mystery of Maat, of balance and equilibrium, justice and truth. Niko is a Sacred Band fighter from humble beginnings, a 'son of the armies.' Niko begins his military career as an eromenos, then loses his 'left-side leader' and becomes an erastes, or left-side leader, in his next pairing with the Stepson Janni. After losing Janni to a witch, Niko is stalked by that witch, Roxane, throughout the Wizard Wars. He leaves the Sacred Band during the Wizard Wars but returns to it. After that campaign, the storm god takes Niko to the City at the Edge of Time, where he formally becomes an adherent of Enlil and marries the princess Tabet. Roxane finds the child and kills it. Niko leaves the city to seek revenge on the witch. After he and Tempus vanquish the witch at the Battle of Sandia, Niko becomes Tempus's right-side partner and eventually fights at the Battle of Chaeronea, where Tempus is wounded in the rescue of forty-six paired lovers from the Sacred Band of Thebes. When Tempus decrees that the Thebans will train in Sanctuary, Niko returns to Sanctuary and there comes to the attention of the Theban goddess, Harmony, who immortalizes him when he is killed in battle.

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