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  • The Yamaha YM2151, also known as OPM is an eight-channel, four-operator sound chip. It was Yamaha's first single-chip FM synthesis implementation, being created originally for some of the Yamaha DX series of keyboards. Yamaha also used it in some of their budget-priced electric pianos, such as the YPR-7, -8, and -9. It was used in many arcade game system boards, starting with Atari's Marble Madness in 1984, then Sega arcade system boards from 1985, and then arcade games from Konami, Capcom, Data East, and Namco, with its heaviest use in the mid-to-late 1980s. It was also used in Sharp's X1 and X68000 home computers. Finally, the chip was used in the Yamaha SFG-01 and SFG-05 FM Sound Synthesizer Units. These are expansion units for MSX computers and were already built into some Yamaha MSX machines like the CX5M. Later SFG-05 modules contain the YM2164, an almost identical chip that differs only in a few undocumented registers and is otherwise identical. The SFGs were followed by the Yamaha FB-01, a standalone version powered exclusively by the YM2164.