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  • Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave is a color movie from Canada that runs for 86 minutes. It was released by Simcom Limited and made by the production company the Film Consortium Of Canada. The movie stars Sneezy Waters as Hank Williams Sr. It also stars Dixie Seatle, Sean McCann, Jackie Washington, Joel Zifkin, and Sean Hewitt. The film was produced by Henk Van Der Kolk and William T. Marshall. Helga Stephenson was the executive producer. It was directed by David Acomba. Maynard Collins wrote it, and it was based on his stage play. The budget was $CAD578,000. The movie was nominated for "The Tex Ritter Award" at The Country Music 1983 Awards Show. It lost to Tender Mercies. It played at the Toronto Film Festival, the London Film Festival and at FILMEX in Los Angeles, California. Sneezy Waters sings 23 Hank Williams songs. "Tennessee Waltz", sung by Patti Page, is heard on a jukebox. Unable to secure music rights for a theatrical release, the movie was only shown on television. This has caused contradictions for the movie's release date. Many sources list it as being from 1981 or 1982. In fact, the movie was filmed between December 8, 1980 - December 13, 1980.

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