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  • Demonstration of a 10-Hz, Femtosecond-Pulse-Driven XUV Laser at 41.8 nm in Xe IX

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  • We report the observation of extreme UV lasing at 41.81 nm on the 4d95d1S0−4d95p 1P1 transition in Xe IX, as proposed by Lemoff et al. [Opt. Lett. 19, 569 (1994)]. A 10-Hz circularly polarized 800-nm laser pulse with an energy of ˜70 mJ and a duration of ˜40 fs is longitudinally focused to a peak intensity of >3 × 1016 W/cm2 over a length of 8.4 nm in a differentially pumped cell containing 12 Torr of Xe gas. Laser amplification was observed with an estimated gain coefficient of 13 cm−1 and a total gain of exp(11).

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