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  • In the Blink of an Eye is a 2009 American film about the Rapture directed by Michael Sinclair. The film stars David A.R. White, Eric Roberts and Andrea Logan White, and was released to DVD on November 17, 2009. The movie starts with the two detectives Larry, and David looking in search of a missing singer in an abandoned trailer park. After getting shot at twice David is saved by his cell phone which took the bullet that was aimed for his heart. David kills the kidnapper. Then a man Kevin comes for the singer tells the detective he is going to take her on a yacht for a few days. The duo cops finagle an invitation on the yacht as the man is a suspect of other crimes but their boss has nothing on him. The duo cops take their wives with them on the yacht and they say its a vacation but David keeps saying it isn't a vacation. While on the yacht David gets a call from his boss saying that the kidnapper had a picture of him sitting beside their Kevin. His wife Lori comes out and has an argument with David because he really isn't paying attention to her. He asked Kevin about the pic but he just blew him off as the guy was just someone trying to get close to the glitz and glamor. In Lori's room she is there with the wife of the other cop, sue and they talk about Jesus and how he can give peace and Lori states that she wants that. She then asks God into her life and becomes saved. The next day she is upbeat and when their friends go to visit an island they stay behind because Lori has other plans which include them going on some jet ski's and going to an island were they kiss and she tells him she loves him and he asks what has gotten into her and she says that is for her to know and him to find out. HE says he wants to rest after their picnic so she says she wants to go get some seashells. He closes his eyes and when he wakes up she and Larry and Sue have disappeared..... Wikipedia

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  • 12/15/2009
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