<p>Los Angeles is a town in Nuevo León, Mexico, about 75 kilometers north of the city of Monterrey. It is just south of the city of Cerralvo. Los Angeles with about 75 homes has a population of about 300, most of whom reside in the United States at least part-time. Los Angeles local businesses and history touring sites are a catholic church "Cristo Rey" built in 1973; one store named "Casa Mary" that carries many years of history, owned by Reynaldo &amp; Maria Pruneda; two resturantes "Tio Pablo" opened in 2001, owned by Esteban &amp; Apolonia Martinez; and "Restaurante Los Angeles" opened since 1997 in towns plaza, owned by Santos &amp; Alma Rosa Gonzalez; one kinder-school "Lic. Benito Juarez" in the town center. And a gravel pit business "Materiale's Martinez"
The small town has produced many talented musicians, law inforcement officers, soldiers, and many other professions. Some of these include musician Ruben Villareal, accordion player and leader of Los Leones del Norte and composer of famous corridos like: "La Camioneta Gris" (which was also a movie done by Los Tigres del Norte), "La Muerta" also a movie production, and many others. The lead singer for Los Bravos del Norte de Ramon Ayala,</p>