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  • Martin John Dunwoody is an emeritus professor of Mathematics at the University of Southampton, England. He earned his Ph.D. in 1964 from the Australian National University. He held positions at the University of Sussex before becoming professor at the University of Southampton in 1992. He has been emeritus professor since 2003. Dunwoody works on geometric group theory and low-dimensional topology. He is a leading expert in splittings and accessibility of discrete groups, Groups acting on graphs and trees, JSJ-decompositions, the topology of 3-manifolds and the structure of their fundamental groups. Since 1971 several mathematicians have been working on Wall's conjecture, posed by Wall in a 1971 paper, which said that all finitely generated groups were accessible. Roughly, this means that every finitely generated group can be constructed from finite and one-ended groups via a finite number of amalgamated free products and HNN extensions over finite subgroups.

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