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  • The Book of Sulaym ibn Qays is a Hadith collection, collected by Sulaym ibn Qays who entrusted it to Aban ibn abi-Ayyash. According to the Shi'a, the book "has received endorsement from five Infallible Imams." The author researched and verified events before he penned them so that their authenticity is incontrovertible. The book was entrusted to only one person, Aban ibni abi Ayyash who was held to a solemn oath not to talk of the book during Sulaym’s lifetime and that after his death he would give the book only to trustworthy Shi’a. There is no doubt about the authenticity of the book itself among some Shi'a scholars. The author is also regarded as a trustworthy narrator to some. The book has been mentioned both in the four main collections of Shi'a hadith. Ibn Al-Nadim, the famous 10th century book publisher, said that the book was among the well known books of the Shi'a. No'mani has mentioned the book and the author in his book, Al-Ghaibah. In fact, the book is so well known among the Shi'a that most books of hadith and rijal have regarded both the book and its author with high esteem.

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