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  • "From director Yoshimitsu Morita, comes a cinematic adaptation of Michifumi Isoda’s best-selling book. Based on Isoda’s interpretation of an old account book belonging to a low-ranking samurai family during the Edo period, ABACUS AND SWORD chronicles the lives of one family struggling through turbulent 19th century Japan. Naoyuki is the 8th head of the Inoyama house, a family of hereditary book-keepers who have for generations watched over the property of the Kaga Clan. Arithmetic is in his blood. Yet as the end of the Tokugawa-era looms, tough times fall upon the clan and debts begin to mount. Naoyuki and his family must resort to drastic measures in order to survive. This is truly a tale of struggle, perseverance, and humility that is in many ways applicable to modern day Japan." Quoting the synopsis from the 2010 Hawaii International Film Festival site.

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