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  • Father Le Loutre’s War, also known as the Indian War, the Micmac War and the Anglo-Micmac War, took place between King George's War and the French and Indian War in Acadia and Nova Scotia. On one side of the conflict, the British and New England colonists were led by British Officer Charles Lawrence and New England Ranger John Gorham. Father Jean-Louis Le Loutre led the Mi'kmaq and the Acadia militia in a petite guerre behind Anglo-American lines. While the British Conquest of Acadia happened in 1710, the Mi'kmaq and Acadians contained the British to settlements at Port Royal and Canso. The rest of the colony was in the control of the Catholic Mi'kmaq and Acadians. Almost forty years later, Father Le Loutre's War began when the British made a concerted effort to settle Protestants in the region and to establish military control over all of Nova Scotia and present-day New Brunswick. The number of people the British settled in Halifax over the first year was 3229, which exceeded the number of Mi'kmaq in the entire region.The Mi'kmaq and some Acadians resisted the arrival of British settlers.