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  • Another Earth is a 2010 drama film written by Brit Marling and Mike Cahill directed by Mike Cahill. "When Rhonda Williams, a beautiful, bright MIT astrophysics student, leans out of her car window to catch sight of a newly discovered planet, she slams into a minivan, killing a man’s family. After serving four years in prison, she returns home and feels compelled to meet the bereaved husband and father who was left behind. This tenth, new planet, which now can be seen in the sky, is a mirror planet. An essay contest is being held with the winner granted a spot on a civilian space shuttle to visit the planet. Having been burned by her passions, Rhonda wonders, what would a mirror version of herself, someone who had made different choices, be like? In this auspicious debut, director Mike Cahill offers a taut, superbly conceived science-fiction romance that marks the emergence of the multitalented actor/screenwriter Brit Marling. Marrying character with high concept, Another Earth lures audiences to go where no one has gone before." Quoting the description from the 2011 Sundance Film Festival site.
  • Another Earth is a 2011 American independent science fiction-drama film directed by Mike Cahill in his feature film debut. The film stars William Mapother and Brit Marling. It premiered at the 27th Sundance Film Festival in January 2011 and was distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures. The film received generally mixed to positive reviews, and earned two nominations from the Saturn Awards for Brit Marling's performance and for Cahill and Marling's writing.

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