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  • Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World is an extraordinary novel that takes readers inside the lives and deaths of a very exceptional group of people. At the center is Danny Blue, a former airman who is grieving the death of his girlfriend while at the same time discovering that she was and still is a lot more than just his girlfriend. In his confused grieving state, he makes a similar discovery involving two music superstars. One, named Ruzahn, is a kind of singing prophet and healer he has always admired. And the other, called Jimmy Redfyre, is more of predatory vampire-type who uses his music to seduce fans and plot against humanity. Song lyrics by both musicians are presented throughout the book and play an integral role in understanding the plot. Helpfully, it contains an appendix of the songs. The assumption at the beginning of this paranormal tale is that Danny Blue and his friends are on earth but it later becomes more apparent that they are on a parallel world connected to other parallel worlds. As he struggles for ways to stop a plot by Jimmy Redfyre to induce havoc all over planet on Christmas Eve, Danny Blue finds himself evolving into something he doesn't understand but needs to in order to win his extraordinary battle.

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