<p>Elie Bursztein is a French security researcher who focuses on web, mobile and offensive security. He is most known for his work on CAPTCHAs, his novel attacks and his creative use of applied cryptography. Elie Bursztein is currently a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford University.
Elie Bursztein obtained his computer engineering degree from EPITA in 2004, his masters degree in computer science from Paris 7/ ENS, in 2004 (under the supervision of Patrick Cousot) and his PhD in computer science from École Normale Supérieure de Cachan in 2008 (under the supervision of Jean Goubault-Larrecq). His PhD thesis tilted "Anticipation games. Théorie des jeux appliqués à la sécurité réseau" (Anticipation game. Game theory applied to network security) showed how to combine model-checking, temporal logic and game theory to find the optimal responses to network attacks.
In addition to his work on CAPTCHA security, Bursztein's other contributions to the security field include the analysis of DPAPI and the invention of the XCS attacks and HTTPS caching attacks. At Defcon 18 in 2010, he demonstrated novel memory based attacks against games with Jocelyn Lagarenne and devised the first defense against</p>