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  • The Tharisappalli Copper Plate is a copper-plate grant issued by the King of Venadu, Ayyan Atikal Tiruvatikal, to the Syrian Christians on the Malabar Coast in the 5th regnal year of the Chera ruler Sthanu Ravi Varma. The inscription describes the gift of a plot of land to the Syrian Church near Quilon, along with several rights and privileges to the Syrian Christians led by Mar Sapir Iso. The Tharisappalli Copper Plate is one of the important historical inscriptions of Kerala, the date of which has been accurately determined. The grant was made in the presence of important officers of the state and the representatives of trade corporations or merchant guilds. It also throws light on the system of taxation that prevailed in early Venad, as several taxes such as a profession tax, sales tax, vehicle tax, etc., are mentioned in it. It also testifies to the enlightened policy of religious toleration followed by the rulers of ancient Kerala. There are two sets of plates as part of this document, and both are incomplete. The first set documented the land while the second set documented the conditions. The signatories signed the document in Hebrew, Pahlavi, and Kufic languages.