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  • Mandy Ingber is an actor and yoga instructor.
  • Mandy Ingber, sometimes credited as Amanda Ingber, is a yoga instructor and a former actress. Before yoga, Ingber became an indoor cycling instructor at the age of 28. In her childhood, she was introduced to yoga by her father before his death. As a yoga instructor, she produced yoga training lessons on DVD, like Yogalosophy. Also, she has taught yoga to celebrities, like actress Jennifer Aniston. To keep fit, besides yoga and indoor cycling, she eats whatever she deems healthy for her body, does a 45- to 120-minute daily workout five times per week, and alternatively practices walking and an elliptical trainer. As an actress, appeared in Silver Spoons season4 episode 22 as Julie Ingber portrayed Annie, wife of Anthony Tortelli and daughter-in-law of his mother Carla, in the television sitcom Cheers and its short-lived spin-off The Tortellis. She portrayed Robin, Baby's "witless cousin", in the short-lived television series adaptation of the film Dirty Dancing. She portrays Enid, Lila Penbrook's friend, in the first season of Charles in Charge and Polly Goldenberg-Cohen in the 1989 film Teen Witch.

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