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  • The Warp was perfectly safe, they claimed. They were wrong... The Warp was the single greatest advance in computer technology since the invention of the microchip. A virtual reality gaming system so advanced that the person inside wasn't just in the game, but was the game. Within The Warp lay the most cunning of all games, the de facto king of online gaming, the one game which was reputedly unbeatable: Crisis. The Warp was flawless. The game was perfect. Until something went terribly wrong. Tori Adams and her group of friends are trapped within the game, unable to log off and free their minds. The uploaded virus is in their brains, a ticking time bomb ready to go off. With no other options presented to them, Tori must do the one thing that had never been done before, what was deemed couldn't be done: beat Crisis. Armed with only their computer skills and whatever the game grants them, the group must battle through impossible odds and confront past demons if they want to survive. With an unseen enemy hot on their trail and tension running high, they will learn to trust each other more than they had ever thought. Even if one of them is a traitor...

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