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  • The 2011 Minsk Metro bombing occurred on 11 April 2011 when at least 15 people were killed and more than two hundred were injured in an explosion on the Minsk Metro, Belarus. The explosion happened at the central Oktyabrskaya station at 17:55 local time. Initially the cause of the explosion was unclear, but was found to have been a bomb containing nails and ball bearings. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko asserted that the explosion was aimed at undermining "peace and stability" and hinted at possible foreign involvement but also ordered an emergency investigation of domestic weapon storage facilities. The Prosecution Office launched a criminal investigation and classified the event as a terrorist attack. Two suspects arrested on 13 April confessed to the bombing according to Belarus' deputy prosecutor general Andrei Shved. According to him they also pleaded guilty to Vitebsk cafe and Victory day bombings but the motives remain unclear. The investigation, which included law enforcement agencies from Russia, Israel and Interpol confirmed this view. Interpol stated that fingerprint evidence confirmed that the 2008 Victory day bombings and the 2011 Metro were committed by the same person. The trials attracted international political condemnation and the verdicts passed out have been questioned, primarily by the Belarusian opposition and the EU. The bombing came at a time of economic problems and protests against Lukashenko's government. Some believe that the national intelligence agency of Belarus planted the device, rigged a show trial and tortured confessions out of the two suspects. According to the investigation, the bomb was unique and the foreign investigators also expressed great interest in it. In March 2012 both men were executed by shooting. Wikipedia