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  • Goodensnake and his sister Gwen had been waging a suit against a local rancher, Jim Parker, for grazing his cattle on their tribal land. The disagreement was heated, but Parker had expressed his desire to settle peacefully in court. However, in 1994 Joe Goodensnake turned up dead on Parker's land, shot by Parker's gun. The logical conclusion was homicide. Parker claimed that when he shot Goodensnake he thought he was shooting a large animal attacking his son. Examination of Goodensnake's body brought ambiguity to the case. His mouth exhibited elongated canine-like incisors and a large, scarred wound on his torso similar to what Parker's "beast" inflicted on his son Lyle. With this information, combined with evidence gathered at the crime scene, including sheets of shed skin and a set of tracks that changed from human to animal, Agent Mulder became increasingly convinced that Goodensnake possessed the ability to shapeshift into an animal. Local legends further confirmed his suspicions as well as six similar X-Files spanning fifty years, beginning in 1946.