<p> Bambatha kaMancinza (ca. 1860-1906?), also known as Mbata Bhambatha, was a Zulu chief of the amaZondi clan in the Colony of Natal and son of Mancinza. He is famous for his role in an armed rebellion in 1906 when the poll tax was raised from a tax per hut to per head (£1 tax on all native men older than 18) increasing hardship during a severe economic depression. The Natal Police believed Bhambatha was going to resist the tax with force and sent about 150 men to arrest him. Instead the police were ambushed and four policemen killed. Bhambatha himself reportedly was killed in the Battle of Mome Gorge. He is often credited as an inspiration to native South African resistance and as a precursor of the anti-apartheid movement. </p>