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  • Il Grande Blek is an Italian western comic book, first published in Italy on October 3, 1954 by Editoriale Dardo. Blek was written and illustrated by the trio EsseGesse. Blek is the leader of a group of trappers during the American Revolutionary War. They fought against the cruel Redcoats, the symbol of British colonialist oppression. Blek's best friends and allies in his adventures are his stepson Roddy Lassiter and Professor Occultis. Although not present in every episode, Lawyer Connoly the local chief of American revolutionaries in Boston is another character. Blek was published in other countries such as Greece, Turkey, France, and former Yugoslavia. In Scandinavia he was called Davy Crockett, although he has nothing to do with the historic person Davy Crockett. As 'Blek' the comics are still available from numerous retail outlets in part-work form in Serbia and in some kiosks in Greece.