<div><p>I would be in complete agreement here if there weren't multiple publishers named "Apple" conflated here:</p>
<ol><li>Apple, the imprint of Scholastic (argua. ISBNs begin 978-0-590 and 978-0-439</li>
<li>Apple Press, a London-based non-fiction publisher (<a href=""></a>). ISBNs begin 978-1-85076</li>
<li>Apple, the computer company. ISBNs begin 978-1-55693</li>
</ol><p>Plus a some oddballs -- one Goosebumps book that should probably be Aladdin, and one that's probably an Amazon-generated error.</p>
<p>So these two nodes should be merged, since ISFDB has two representations of the Scholastic imprint, and the other editions split to the appropriate publishers.</p></div>