<p>Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives is an American rape and revenge exploitation film released in 2010. The film follows a trio of trans women friends who exact revenge on the men who brutally assault them and murder two of their friends.
Ticked-Off Trannies engendered controversy when it was programmed at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival. The Gay &amp; Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation condemned the film for what it called a negative portrayal of transgender people.
After performing at a local club, trans women Rachel Slurr (Willam Belli) and Emma Grashun (Erica Andrews) plan to party with Nacho (Kenny Ochoa) and Chuey (Gerardo Davila). When the guys tell them that they have a third friend, the girls convince their reluctant friend Bubbles Cliquot (Krystal Summers) to join them. The girls drive to a warehouse where they are joined by Nacho and Chuey, along with their partner Boner (Tom Zembrod). Bubbles tells her friends that Boner had recently drugged and raped her during a hook-up when he discovered she was transgender. Vowing to "finish the job", Boner, Nacho and Chuey attack the girls. Emma and Rachel are severely wounded but Bubbles is able to call her "mother" Pinky La'Trimm</p>