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  • Ted Lawrence Orcutt, popularly known as T.L. Orcutt, is an American novelist, author, occult tarot professional, retired psychotherapist, and college/university professor. His four nonfiction books lean toward personal growth, comparative systems of psychotherapy, transpersonal psychology, mysticism, and paranormal experience. He is more recently known for his fiction novels, now released in a single volume entitled, The Path of Return Trilogy. The first novel in the series, Jamayah: Adventures on the Path of Return, develops themes of paranormal mastery and cosmic awareness. The immediate sequel, Collateral Karma, focuses on ritual, ceremony, magic, lucid dreams, evil, occult and shamanic magic. Third in the series, Letters from the Afterworld published for the first time within the single volume trilogy, develops themes of soul essence, mediumship, automatic writing, astral projection, and reincarnation. Favoring adventure and paranormal suspense, he frequently incorporates elements of humor, satire, and tarot symbolism.

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