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  • Andrew Mald is a Papua New Guinean politician. He was first elected to the National Parliament in the 2007 general election, as independent MP for the Moresby North East Open constituency in the National Capital District, though he later joined the National Alliance Party, and sat as a government backbencher. Nonetheless, according to an editorial in the Post Courier, he was an "outspoken critic of the Government and in particular the National Capital District Commission. The issues he [...] raised on the floor of Parliament and in the media [...] impressed a lot of people in the city, and many viewed him as someone who has always had the interests of his voters at heart and concern for the city and its inhabitants". In July 2010, he and five other party members defected briefly to the Opposition, in a failed attempt to bring down the government. Within a few days, they pledged their support for the government once more, and were accepted back. At the start of August 2011, he was again among several government MPs to join the Opposition.

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