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  • Interdiscourse is the implicit or explicit relations that a discourse has to other discourses. Interdiscursivity is the aspect of a discourse that relates it to other discourses. Norman Fairclough prefers the concept "orders of discourse". Interdiscursivity is often mostly an analytic concept, e.g. in Foucault and Fairclough. Interdiscursivity has close affinity to recontextualisation because interdiscourse often implies that elements are imported from another discourse. The meaning of interdiscourse varies. It denotes at least three levels: In Courtine interdiscursivity means that a discourse has a relation to another discourse. That is, a meaning which is close to the meaning of intertextuality. In Norman Fairclough and Linell interdiscursive denotes relations between types of discourse such as genres. In Michel Foucault and Marc Angenot, interdiscursive denotes relations between discursive formations, that is, between large heterogeneous discursive entities, such as natural history and political economy during enlightenment. In Michel Foucault, interdiscourse is differences and equalities across discursive formations.

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