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  • "Kaneto Shindo's self-claimed last film at the age of 98. The devastation of war goes beyond the death of a soldier. It devastates the family robbed of a provider. War's damage, from the viewpoint of ordinary people, is the theme of this film. The story's prologue is based on his own experiences, and he portrays his feelings towards ordinary people, drafted into the war with no choice. Towards the end of the war, one hundred middle-aged soldiers were sent to the frontline according to lots drawn by their superior officer. On the night of the lottery, a soldier, expecting to be killed in action, leaves a postcard from his wife with Keita Matsuyama. The card reads, "It is the festival today, but the air feels empty without your presence." The soldier asks Keita to let his wife know that he had read the postcard. The war ends, and six survivors out of 100 return home, but no one awaits Keita at home. His wife has gone off with his father, not expecting Keita to return alive. Tomoko, who wrote the postcard, was persuaded to re-marry her husband's younger brother, but he was also killed in the war. Her father-in-law has died of shock, and her mother-in-law has killed herself, leaving Tomoko alone in a poverty-stricken farmhouse. It is at this point Keita visits her with the postcard, and learns of her reality." Quoting the synopsis from the 2010 Tokyo International Film Festival site.
  • Postcard is a 2010 Japanese drama film written and directed by Kaneto Shindo. It was Shindo's last film. The film is set during and after the Second World War, and it deals with the effect on families of the death of soldiers. It is loosely based on director Shindo's wartime experiences.

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