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  • The heraldic ensigns of the Border Police consist of the following elements: large blue shield with a crusader golden eagle, having its head turned to the right, red peak and claws, open wings, holding a silver sword in its right claw; the green olive branch, symbolizing peace and order, replacing the mace from the coat of arms of the country. The small green shield, placed on the eagle’s chest, having a silver landmark which has, in its upper part, two crossed golden swords, and, in its lower part, a black natural anchor. Two golden lions with red tongues lean on both sides of the landmark. At the bottom of the external shield, on a white scarf, the motto of the ministry is written in black: Latin: PATRIA ET HONOR. The landmark with the anchor and the crossed swords evokes the idea of guarding and control, as well as the appearance of inviolable Romanian borders. The crossed swords symbolize the capacity of judging, of separating the guilty from the innocent. The lions symbolize vigilance, nobleness, heroism, power, authority, force, wisdom and energy in the service of good.

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