<p> Canadian rapper and world music singer, Herleo Muntu was born Raymond Kashiba in Lubumbashi in early 1980s.
Originally from the DR Congo, Herleo Muntu discovered music at an early age in Quebec city high school. Assembling his first group, RSK, in year 2000 and 7IM-VWA in year 2002, he became well-known at a regional level, but would soon ascend to national recognition. Concerned by the social and political evolution of his country, it was not long before Herleo Muntu was writing incisive works on the political environment in DR Congo. One such work was on the humanitarian crises since 1998, which resulted in a surge of popularity amongst the congolese diaspora. In 2007, Herleo released his first album titled R-LÉO. Herleo Muntu plays music "to wake up the consciences". His music speaks about many injustices done to the people of his country, and those over Africa. As such, many African listeners feel a deep affinity with his lyrics as Herleo speaks for... He even invented the new music genre called Hip-Pop World. </p>