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  • Natural medicine 0.169/0.169/0.169/0.169/0.169/0.169/0.169/0.169/0.169/0.169/0.169/0.169/0.169 liquid

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  • Natural medicine liquid, for oral administration, consisting of: 0.169[hp_X]/mL aletris farinosa root ; 0.169[hp_X]/mL aluminum oxide ; 0.169[hp_X]/mL avena sativa flowering top ; 0.169[hp_X]/mL carpinus betulus flowering top ; 0.169[hp_X]/mL chaste tree ; 0.169[hp_X]/mL clematis vitalba flower ; 0.169[hp_X]/mL conium maculatum flowering top ; 0.169[hp_X]/mL egg phospholipids ; 0.169[hp_X]/mL lead ; 0.169[hp_X]/mL nutmeg ; 0.169[hp_X]/mL olea europaea flower ; 0.169[hp_X]/mL trinitrophenol ; 0.169[hp_X]/mL zinc.Purpose:Uses a natural aid for age-related symptoms: confusion, forgetfulness, low vitality, loss of confidence. Promotes strengthened memory and awareness. Reference image alertness.jpg

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