<p>Transit is a thriller directed by Antonio Negret.
The film opens up with an armored truck coming across a car accident in the middle of a road. The driver finds this suspicious and prepares to drive off, but the truck is suddenly attacked by masked robbers. The driver tries to make a break for it, but his partner is revealed to be in on the heist. They execute the driver when an alarm in the truck goes off, and then his partner when he questions the lead robber's motives.
After the heist, local law enforcement have created road blocks in search of the robbers. The four robbers, Marek, his girlfriend Arielle, Losada, and getaway driver Evers know that they fit the profile of the robbers and so, to prevent themselves from being caught, hide the $4 million in a sleeping bag belonging to a family of four who are on a camping trip. They manage to hide the bag full of money in the family's camping gear on top of their Land Rover while the family uses restrooms at a small gas station.
Both the robbers and the family drive off and arrive at the road blockade. The robbers are immediately pulled over by the police and their vehicle is searched. As it is, the family passes through the</p>