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  • Single crystals provide high mobility and outstanding electrical characteristics. Researchers in Dr. Zhenan Bao's lab at Stanford University have developed a simple technique for manufacturing large arrays of single-crystal transistors directly on wafers or flexible plastic. This technology can be used to mass-produce a wide range of organic semiconductor materials (including rubrene, fullerene and pentacene) directly onto transistor source-drain electrodes. The high-performance arrays produced by this method have mobilites as high as 2.4cm2V-1s-1 and on/off ratios greater than 107. The method can also be applied to producing devices on flexible substrates that retain their performance after significant bending. This fabrication approach could ultimately be applied to large-area electronics applications such as active matrix displays or sensor arrays.Ongoing Research: The inventors are continuing research to control the orientation and alignment of the crystals and to optimize electrical contacts.