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  • In the Sacred Band of Stepsons fictional universe, after the Battle of Meridian, Tempus and his Unified Sacred Band leave Sanctuary to draw the stragglers from the war away from the town. On the foray north by cloud conveyance, the storm god Enlil redirects the Band to unknown lands. During the evenings on this trip, veteran Stepsons tell the new recruits stories of earlier days in Sanctuary. During the journey, the Band confronts Thrax, patron god of Thrace, and is set upon by naiads. This anthology contains all the stories of the Sacred Band of Stepsons from Thieves World (R) #6-#11, as well as a new novelette and interstitial stories that appear nowhere else, chronicling the adventures of Tempus's personal guard as he takes them upcountry to rendezvous with his larger force before returning to Lemuria. "The Fish the Fighters and the Song-girl" is both the name of the new novelette in the book and of the book itself. Its companion volume and first of the two "Sacred Band Tales" volumes is "Tempus with his right-side companion Niko." "The Fish the Fighters and the Song-girl is the second in the two-volume sub-series, "Sacred Band Tales. This two-volume set collects all the short fiction of the Sacred Band of Stepsons series and contain every Stepsons story from Thieves World, revised, expanded and framed in a new context.

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