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  • The Top Gear team are at it again in a new DVD comprising of seven of the most anarchic challenges from series 10. Our favourite trio take to the road as well as the skies and the sea in a new set of gruelling challenges that take the concept of driving to the very limit. Follow the Top Gear team on a host of outlandish, adrenaline-fuelled adventures... Amphibious Cars: The Sequel - The magnificent return of the homemade amphibious cars, as the lads drive their vehicles to Dover and across the Channel. Well, that was the plan… Bugatti Veyron vs Eurofighter - Place your bets. A mile and back: vertically and horizontally; Hammond in one of the world’s fastest cars, the RAF in a fighter plane with a max speed of 900 mph. Race Across London - James in a massive Mercedes, Hammond on a bicycle, the Stig on public transport (!) and Jeremy in a racing speedboat. Of course the car will make it across the capital first. Won’t it? Motorhome Racing - The rules are ‘quite’ strict: it’s a no contact race; drivers must sleep overnight in their camper vans before the race and be able to drive home afterwards. So, how come there’s a kitchen unit on the track? The Greatest Driving Road - Scouring the Alps for the perfect road – beautiful scenery, pure pedal-to-the metal driving and a rush of adrenaline – in light-weight supercars – have the boys died and gone to heaven? Fiat 500 vs BMX - The Fiat 500 has been reborn as a city runabout for fashionably sexy young people. James May is none of these, but surely he can beat a pair of scruffy herberts on titchy bikes around Budapest? The 24 Hour Race - The Britcar 24 hour race at Silverstone is a gruelling test of driver stamina, skill and car reliability – so guess who’s entering a BMW 3-series powered by bio-diesel that they grew themselves? This jam-packed release features extended interviews with track heroes Lewis Hamilton and Simon Cowell, plus their efforts on the Top Gear track, as well as a chance to ride with The Stig in an Ascari 10 – the fastest car on the track - (with a choice of camera angle). You can even experience the view from the front seat of a Eurofighter as it races a Bugatti and discover what it feels like to sit on the bonnet of a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera as it races on the Col de Turini.

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