<p> Soil :  At the foot of Mont Baudile on the land of Montpeyroux. Poor soils like clay and limestone with coarse gravel rolled. The vineyards are worked in organic farming, Ecocert under control, with full plowing of soil and total absence of fertilizer.
Tasting : This wine is wonderful. Black as ink, licorice nuances highlight a delicate wood and classic. Lead, or better pay in a carafe at least 2 hours before serving at a temperature of from 15 to 17 degrees.
Wine and Food pairing : Lamb confit, veal kidneys in a casserole
Harvest : Manual harvesting only in the morning.
Vinification : After passing over the sorting table, put in bowl by gravity, no yeast, traditional winemaking and pigeages alternating pumping. Five weeks of maceration, pneumatic pressing.
Ageing : 30 months including 24 in french oak barrels. Neither fined nor filtered. </p>