<p>il Conquisto di Granata (The conquest of Granada) ( /ˌɪlkɵŋˈkwɪstɵˈdɪˌɡrʌˈnʌtʌ/) is an epic poem in 26 cantos by the Italian poet Girolamo Graziani first published in Modena in 1650, which tells the last year of the siege of Granada (Granada War) led by Ferdinand II of Aragon (Ferdinand The Catholic) with wich ended the reconquista of the the Muslim-controlled areas of the Iberian Peninsula broadly known as Al-Andalus.
The plot (love in the imminence of death) and the names of the main characters (Consalvo and Elvira) has been the source for Giacomo Leopardi's Consalvo (1833).</p>