<p>The North Wall Arts Center (often just referred to as the North Wall) is the newest award-winning Performing arts center in Oxford, owned by St Edward's School and shared with the town. It houses a 250-seat theatre, plus a rehearsal space, dance studio and a visual art gallery. Lucy Maycock has been the Artistic Director of the North Wall since September 2010. Prior to this, it was run by Nick Quartley. The arts centre hosts events by the school and by public organisations, with the aim to provide high quality facilities and arts events both for its own students and for the public at large.
The North Wall Arts Center was built on the site of a Victorian swimming pool, wich was the oldest swimming pool in the country, situated on the grounds of St Edward’s School. The name derives from an ancient stone boundary wall that runs the entire length of the public street elevation. Designed by Haworth Tompkins architects, the project costed more than £3.5 million and won several major architectural awards, including a RIBA in 2008. It also received a Certificate from the Oxford Preservation Trust in recognition of its "significant contribution to the conservation and improvement of</p>