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  • Uri-Control Rx (Heel), manufactured drug form of Apis mellifera, atropa belladonna, causticum, equisetum hyemale, lytta vesicatoria, petroselinum crispum, pulsatilla vulgaris, silver nitrate, smilax regelii root, and turpentine oil, 6[hp_X]/300mg apis mellifera ; 4[hp_X]/300mg atropa belladonna ; 8[hp_X]/300mg causticum ; 6[hp_X]/300mg equisetum hyemale ; 6[hp_X]/300mg lytta vesicatoria ; 8[hp_X]/300mg petroselinum crispum ; 6[hp_X]/300mg pulsatilla vulgaris ; 6[hp_X]/300mg silver nitrate ; 6[hp_X]/300mg smilax regelii root ; 8[hp_X]/300mg turpentine oil tablet, NDC 50114-4422

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