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This type doesn't have any properties

Kind of Pet Apparel /base/petsupplyandaccessory/pet_apparel_user/kind_of_pet_apparel /base/petsupplyandaccessory/pet_apparel

kind, type, name or classification of pet apparel an animal or pet uses or wears

Pet Apparel Company /base/petsupplyandaccessory/pet_apparel_user/pet_apparel_company /base/petsupplyandaccessory/pet_apparel_company

company that specializes in selling of pet apparel

Pet Apparel Manufacturer /base/petsupplyandaccessory/pet_apparel_user/pet_apparel_manufacturer /base/petsupplyandaccessory/pet_apparel_manufacturer

name of business/company that manufactures and produces pet apparel

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Pet Apparel
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Pet Apparel
pet apparel