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  • Delightful Precipice is a 19-piece British jazz big band/orchestra led by Django Bates. Delightful Precipice contains many individual solo artists, music educators and bandleaders as ensemble members, including Julian Arguelles, Iain Ballamy, Eddie Parker, Steve Buckley, Mark Lockheart, Barak Schmool and Chris Batchelor. The band is a direct descendant of the 1980s jazz big band Loose Tubes, sharing most of the same personnel and playing compositions written by Django Bates. The central difference between the two bands is that Bates is the clearly established bandleader and sole composer for Delightful Precipice. Delightful Precipice concerts are infrequent due to the financial and logistical problems involved in organising a regular large ensemble, and the band has never issued any recordings under its own name. Instead, the band is one of the several ensembles appearing on Django Bates' own recordings.

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